Deniers of Climate Change

Being an Environmental Science and Policy major, I often get questions like; “So do you think climate change is actually real?” or “Are they brainwashing you in your classes up in the mountains?” (These are actual inquiries I received from a crazy relative). Although they are irritating, I can’t help but think where these sort of climate change deniers are gathering their information.

There is a bit of humor in these conversations because I cannot wrap my head around how my elders can arrive at these conclusions. Even when I attempt to explain certain natural processes studied over hundreds of years, there is always an excuse to defend their standpoint.

NASA published an article today April 19th that shed light onto the fact that there are still people out there who actively deny that climate change is happening. (Here’s the link so you can see for yourself). It is just baffling to know that these people truly do not take into consideration the extremely credible scientific research.

Even though there is a bit of humor when reading about climate change deniers, there is some concern that arises. How, in the 21st Century, can the denial of climate change be so prevalent?

The featured picture is a map of the globe demonstrating which countries are aware and concerned about climate change. This article was published on April 18th, so data used is recent and credible. It comes fro Pew Research Center – an organization based out of Washington D.C. that offers quantitative relays of unbiased data for public use. Countries that are highlighted with a more green hue believe climate change is a major concern, while the more yellow countries (like the U.S.) do not take climate change as seriously.

I now ask the question; what do you think about climate change?


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