Why does this matter?

It is one thing to convey quantitative results to people so they may better understand climate change. I am not against this, seeing as the numerical representation of data is strong and credible evidence that the world is changing, but it is equally as important to demonstrate why all this matters.

There are natural climate forcing techniques our Earth follows. They can be divided into two types; external and internal. External processes include aspects like the Milankovitch Cycles that relate to incoming solar radiation. Internal processes include any changes that occur within the Earth system, such as volcanics.

Throughout the history of Earth’s existence, it has been fluctuating between periods of glacial versus interglacial time lengths. Glacial refers to times when the Earth contained active and growing glaciers. During interglacial times, the Earth would warm and glaciers would retreat. The last glacial max ended about 15,000 years ago, meaning that we are currently in an interglacial period.

Being said, this does not mean that the anthropogenic warming effects we have on our Earth do not matter. We are altering the natural warming processes the Earth has been constantly following for ~4.5 billion years.

So, the next time you see climate data portrayed in charts, graphs, or statistics, think to yourself; Why does this matter?


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