Art and Science

First, a little background; this non-profit organization, Climate Centralworks to provide the public with up to date information regarding climate. Research scientists from multiple backgrounds work with scientific journalists to create articles and inform the public about their findings. The article I will be discussing and referencing for the duration of my blog post comes from this site.

The way people perceive and evaluate data shown quantitatively varies a great amount. We all have different techniques of observing graphs that demonstrate a certain aspect through numbers.

An article released from Climate Central on February 2, 2016 discussed an astonishing twist on climate change data. Artist and scientist Jill Pelto was featured for her work/art concerning “Glaciogenic Art” – the communication of scientific research through art. Her website, linked above, explains her background and why she chose to convey her messages in the way she did.

As I was scrolling through the article, my eyes skimmed over the text and I found myself examining the creative, subtle, and thought-provoking pieces of art. The way Ms. Pelto incorporated science and art into her projects just amazed me.

I completely agree with this quote by Ms. Pelto that was displayed in the article, ‘“Most of the population doesn’t pay attention to the scientific community and research,” Pelto said. “That’s the group I want to target.”’ I think the tactic of tying art and science together to create one message enables a larger audience to be drawn to the work. In this way, more people could really view how climate is changing.

I encourage you to view Jill Pelto’s website, and see how talented she is in conveying how our climate is changing.

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